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Top 10 High-Paying Jobs in the Philippines for Fresh Graduates

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Finding a good-paying job is hard by itself, more so during the pandemic where over 2 million workers were unemployed according JobsStreet. This situation is more challenging and scary for most young people who are fresh out of college who are now wondering if are there any good-paying jobs out there?

Fortunately, there are still lots of high-paying jobs out there for fresh graduates who are looking for one. In Build Nation's Jobs & Skills Series, we publish helpful information to help you in your job hunting. Here are the Top 10 high-paying entry-level jobs in the Philippines for Fresh Graduates according to the data from JobStreet's Job Report.

Top 10 High-Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates in the Philippines

1. Medical Officer

Average Monthly Salary: PHP 59,353

First in the list is the Medical officers who manage all aspects related to patient care within their departments. They oversee daily operations, serve as clinical advisors, and investigate any problems that may arise. They also contribute to medical research programs and supervise clinical trials. For fresh graduates of medicine or related fields, try looking for Medical Officer job listings and enjoy a fairly high compensation. There are already about 1,700+ job listings under Healthcare/Medical industry in JobStreet.

2. Programmers or Technical Support Representative

Average Monthly Salary: PHP 23,000

The average salary specified above is only for the entry-level positions in this sector. However, as we all know, the tech industry can be lucrative. A foot in the door is always the first step to a great path. With a growing transformation of digitalization in the Philippines, everybody can enter the promising ICT sector. IT professionals including software developers/engineers, IT analysts, web programmers, and technical support representatives are in demand right now and in the near future. Having more people joining the digital workforce, it will bring positive impact to the national economy that benefits both industry and workers. Remote work, online education and social distancing will create demand for products and services delivered by the tech industry. Fresh graduates of IT-related degrees such as computer science, information technology, and software engineering are more in-demand than ever even post-pandemic. You can find 2,000+ job listings in JobStreet under the Computer/Information Technology industry.

3. School Teacher

Average Monthly Salary: PHP 22,316

Despite the many challenges of the overwhelming global crisis caused by this pandemic, it has also been a transformative time for learning. We have seen how educational systems, teachers, students, and families adapted to the crisis by shifting online. Since most classes are now held online, schools are hiring more teachers and virtual tutors are now in demand more than ever. If you want to pursue a career in teaching or tutoring, this can be a very good time to do it. You can find these opportunities from the 4,900+ job listings posted under the Education industry.

4. Call Center Agent

Average Monthly Salary: PHP 22,000

Even for the past years, call centers have always been the sector that offers high-paying jobs in the Philippines. The pandemic just solidified that position. The industry saw revenue rise 1.4% to $26.7 billion last year, according to the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP). After increasing head count by 1.8% last year, it now employs 1.32 million of the Philippines' 109 million people. IBPAP forecasts that number will rise to 1.46 million within two years. The Php 22,000 is the average monthly pay, however, some companies offer as much as Php 25,000 to Php 30,000 per month even for their entry-level employees. An outstanding 22,000+ job listings are posted under the Call Center/IT-Enabled Services/BPO industry.

5. Engineer

Average Monthly Salary: PHP 21,700

If you didn't know, there are over 400 job listings waiting for a fresh engineering graduate and over 3,000 civil, IT, chemical, and mechanical engineer jobs listings are posted online. With the numerous big ticket infrastructure projects the government have already invested in, many construction companies are in constant search for engineers even in the pandemic.

6. Nurse

Average Monthly Salary: PHP 20,754

It's not a surprise that the Philippines is the world's largest exporter of nurses worldwide. So it is expected that during this global health crisis, Nurses are needed more than ever to help the country and remains to be one of the top paying entry-level jobs for fresh graduates in the Philippines.

7. Customer Service Representative

Average Monthly Salary: PHP 20,500

Aside from Nurses, the Philippines is also one of the largest supplier of customer service representative in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector. The Call Center/BPO industry is the top 1 in most number of job listings in JobStreet with over 22,795 jobs postings. This is in part because of the increasing demand of customer service representative all over the world with more services and products bought online. This is also the industry which is relatively easier for fresh graduates to get in than in other industries since no experience is required for most call center jobs as long as you have a strong command of English, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills. Oh, also if you don't mind working on weekends, nightshifts, and holidays.

8. Sales Associate

Average Monthly Salary: PHP 19,500

Some companies have closed during the pandemic, but most have survived and are growing. With companies now shifting most of their operations or integrating most parts of it online, business is keeping up. This means there are more demand in having administrative support to marketing and business development managers, or assist in conducting market research, developing the company's marketing plans, or in implementing marketing campaigns.

So when you are job hunting and want to be in this sector, you can look for business development assistant positions or similar positions like marketing assistants, sales assistants, or brand officers which offer one of the top paying jobs for fresh graduates.

9. Data Analyst

Average Monthly Salary: PHP 16,500

The average salary right now might not look that lucrative, but with the technology sector rising as one of the fastest growing sector in the world, the World Economic Forum even predicts that over 97 million new jobs will be created in the next 5 years. As the economy and job markets evolve, new roles will emerge across the care economy in technology fields. More so with the pandemic, this trend will be realized faster since most people choose jobs that can be done remotely, and being a data analyst is one of those jobs that are increasing in demand.

10. Admin Assistant

Average Monthly Salary: PHP 13,019

If you are a fresh graduate of degree courses in psychology, human resource management, finance, or accounting, then jobs related to recruitment, HR assistant, or payroll assistant can be one of the good paying jobs for fresh grads in the Philippines. If you want to pursue a career in this field, then these jobs can get your foot on the door.

Final Thoughts

Being a fresh graduate in this seemingly hopeless times that we are in might be extra challenging. However, we can only change the situation or position we are in when we move and do the work to change something about it. The process may be slow, but the only way for a better situation is forward. Never stop until you get the job that you can do the things you are passionate about to contribute positively to our nation. All the best!

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