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Top 8 Senior High School Scholarships in Visayas (2022)

In 2013, RA 10533 Enhance Education Act of 2013 also known as K-12 program was signed, wherein a two year secondary education program will be added (senior high school). Of course, you can enroll in Senior High Schools under DepEd for free. But what if you prefer to enroll in Senior High School in Private Universities? What if the only school in your city or municipality are private schools? Tuition in private schools is not free. That’s why many are looking for scholarship programs for Senior High School.

With these reasons, we searched and compiled all the available Senior High School scholarship programs offered at Eastern Visayas, Western Visayas, and Central Visayas, ranked by

Build Nation only includes schools that offer scholarship programs for Senior High School. We also included DepEd Voucher programs to which incoming Senior High School can avail in schools not operated by DepEd.