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DOST Junior Level Science Scholarships 2021 - Here's Everything You Need to Prepare

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

DOST is about to open their Junior Level Science Scholarships for 2021 and will be accepting applications until 29 October 2021! So for those who are planning to apply, here's everything you need to prepare!

Read about the Junior Level Science Scholarships (JLSS) here


  1. REGULAR third year college male and female students enrolled in a priority S&T courses at identified universities as of First Semester of AY 2021-2022.

  2. Must have a general weighted average of at least 83% or its equivalent and with no conditional or failing mark in the first two years in college including in the midyear terms, if enrolled.

  3. Must be natural-born Filipino citizen.

  4. Must be of good moral character and in good health.

  5. May have taken the DOST-SEI Scholarship Examination before but did not pass or have qualified for the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship but did not avail the scholarship award.


  • Start of Online Application Period: To be announced

  • Last Day of Online Application and Uploading of Requirements: 29 October 2021



Valid Email Address You will need a valid email address for logging in to your application account and for receiving notifications about your application status and results.

  • Please make sure that the email address you intend to register in order to file your application has not been compromised in a data breach. Click here to verify.

  • To ensure security of your data, you are encouraged to use secured e-mail accounts preferably one that has two-step verification.

  • You will be advised the status of your application and other announcements relative to your application through the email account that you use during registration.

Working Mobile Number/s Please provide a working mobile number by which you can be contacted should there be a need to, relative to your application.

Security of Access Credentials You will be assigned an Application ID. This, with pertinent personal data, shall serve as your access credential to the JLSS E-Application System. Please keep your access credentials secure.

No to Multiple Accounts! Do not create multiple accounts. These will cause delay in accessing your application forms.

Stable Internet Connection When you are ready with all the information you need to fill out your E-Application and the documents that needed to be uploaded, make sure you have a stable internet connection.



Complete details of all documents you need to prepare are here:



  1. Father’s Annual Gross Income

  2. Mother’s Annual Gross Income

  3. If Legal Guardian is supporting Applicant, Legal Guardian’s Annual Gross Income

  4. If family receives contribution from outside source: the giver, the amount of the contribution and the purpose of the contribution

  5. If family owns agricultural land: how many hectares

  6. If family owns vehicle: type, year and model

    • Type: Ex. tricycle, passenger jeep, owner jeep, car, van

    • Year and Model: Ex. 2020 Toyota Revo



When you have all the necessary documents; completely accomplished and scanned or have pictures of these; and know the above-mentioned information, you are now ready to access the JLSS E-Application. (Application portal will open soon here:

When filling out the information required, please make sure that the names and the words are spelled correctly.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

STEP 1: Register. Use a valid e-mail address. An email will be sent to you for verification.

STEP 2: Answer the questions in the Eligibility Module that can be accessed to the link provided in the email sent to you.

  • If you are not eligible to apply for the JLSS, you will receive a Notice of Disqualification in your email.

STEP 3: If you are eligible to apply for the JLSS, you can proceed to the next modules:

  • Personal Data

  • Contact Information

  • Family Data

  • Financial Contribution

  • Household Information Questionnaire

  • School, Course, and Grades

  • Upload Documents

    1. The system accepts .jpeg, .png, .bmp, and .pdf file types only

    2. The system accepts multiple files up to 5MB per upload. Ex. You took a photo of each of the 3 pages of your Transcript of Records. As a result, you need to upload 3 different files for the same requirement. To upload it, you need to click the Upload File button and select all the files to be submitted. After selecting the files, a preview is also available for you to see if you have selected the correct and complete files. Once you are sure that you have selected the correct and complete files, you may now click the Upload button.

    3. You may press the Preview button to check the files you submitted after uploading it. If in the event that you have uploaded an incorrect file or incomplete files, you need to repeat the uploading process and upload the correct and complete files to overwrite the previously uploaded document/s.

STEP 4: Make sure that you have accomplished all the modules completely with true information and correct spellings and uploaded all the required documents before you press the SUBMIT button. You can no longer make any change in the information you provided in your application once submitted.


Check the SEI website: for the announcements of the scholarship qualifiers sometime in December 2021. If you qualify for the scholarship, you will be sent the Notice of Award through your registered email address.

Also, here's the DOST's Primer for its Junior Level Science Scholarship program.


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