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Join us in
building our nation.


BUILDNATION is founded on the reality that a young student or adult only needs one opportunity to change their lives.

That is our mission. To make information and tools as easily accessible and understandable to enable and empower young students and adults to grab opportunities. For a student to be able to access and apply to scholarships or grants conveniently all in one place, or for young people to access helpful information and tools that can improve their adult life and financial life.

Currently, there's no one-stop shop where opportunities can be easily accessible. Thus the need for the creation of this public service initiative.

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Andrew Begafria

He is deeply interested in studying communications, IT governance design frameworks, software systems, and policies to implement effective digital governance in the Philippines and how it can be used to transform bureaucratic systems, public service delivery, transparency, participatory governance, and nation-building. All of this is in line with one of his great passions and mission – making public service delivery convenient, proactive, and inclusive.

Enabling and empowering the public, more so young individuals, to reach their full potential. To be able to improve themselves with innovative tools and ideas, that can empower them to build and transform our nation for the better.

we are

We are BUILDNATIONWe believe that the best asset of our country is us, the growing population of tech-savvy students and young professionals.

Our Mission

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To Help Students

Help students achieve their dreams by making available scholarships and grants easily understandable and accessible; Provide access to as much opportunities as possible.

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To Help Young Adults

Help young adults through adulting, career tips, tech life hacks, and financial literacy. To become better individuals, and help BUILD our NATION.

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