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How to apply in DOST's S&T Undergraduate Scholarships Program?

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

The S&T Undergraduate Scholarships Program aims to stimulate and entice talented Filipino youths to pursue lifetime productive careers in science and technology and ensure a steady, adequate supply of qualified S&T human resources which can steer the country towards national progress.

Types of S&T Undergraduate Scholarship Program?

RA 7687

Republic Act No. 7687, also known as the “Science and Technology Scholarship Act of 1994”, provides for scholarships to talented and deserving students whose families’ socio-economic status do not exceed the set cut-off values of certain indicators. Qualifiers must pursue priority fields of study in the basic sciences, engineering, other applied sciences, and science and mathematics teaching.


The DOST-SEI Merit Scholarship Program, formerly known as the NSDB or NSTA Scholarship under RA No. 2067, is awarded to students with high aptitude in science and mathematics and are willing to pursue careers in the fields of science and technology.

What are the benefits?

Who are the qualified to apply?

Here are the following qualifications:

The applicant must also be enrolled in a college or university that is in the CHED Center of Excellence (COE) or a Center of Development (COD) or has at least Level III FAAP Accreditation.

You can search if your desired university is in the CHED Center of Excellence here:

If you can't find your dream school in the list, go directly to your school and ask if the school is included in CHED Center of Excellence (COE) or a Center of Development (COD) or has at least Level III FAAP Accreditation.

What are Priority Science and Technology Programs for this scholarship?

To check wether the course you are going to enroll is included in the priority courses of this scholarship, click this Build Nation's Priority Courses Finder and search through DOST's priority courses list.

What are the requirements?

Forms A to G are available in DOST's Application portal.

  1. Personal Information (Form A)

  2. Household Information Questionnaire (Form B)

  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character (Form C)

  4. Certificate of Good Health (Form D)

  5. Principal's Certification (Form E1 or E2)

    1. Form E1- applicant belongs to the senior high school STEM strand class

    2. Form E2-applicant belongs to the upper 5% of the NON-STEM strand senior high school graduating class

  6. Certificate of Residency (Form F)

  7. Parent's Certification(Form G)

  8. Applicant’s Certification (Form H)

  9. Signed Declaration by applicant and the Parent/Legal Guardian (Form I)

  10. Recent (1”x1”) picture

  11. Photocopy of Birth Certificate

  12. Parent/s 2019 Income Tax Return / W2 / Employment Contract for OFW / BIR Cert. of Exemption from Filing of ITR / Brgy. Cert. of Indigency

Where to submit application?

Applicants can submit or file their applications in


How to know when the application opens and deadline of submission?

Regularly check DOST's S&T e-Scholarships Application System, schedules will be posted there. However, usually its deadline of applications is every September.

For more details, visit here.

For more inquiries:

Contact the S&T Scholarship Division at

(02)8837-2071 loc. 2382



To help you prepare, here's the DOST's Primer on the Undergraduate Scholarship Program examinations.

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