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Department of Agriculture's Educational Assistance for the Youth: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Educational Assistance for the Youth: Degree Courses in Agriculture and Agricultural Biosystems Engineering (EASY Agri)

What is "EASY Agri" scholarship program?

The declining enrollment in agriculture courses poses a serious concern to the agriculture sector, which is responsible for supporting the country's growing demand for sustainable, nutritious, and safe food, and agricultural products.

To address this concern, the Republic Act 8435 or the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997 mandates Agricultural Training Institute to expand the existing programs for degree and non-degree scholarships in agriculture and fisheries for the youth.

What is the purpose of this scholarship?

The EAsY Agri program aims to encourage capable and deserving youth, particularly the children of smallholder farmers and fishers to pursue studies, professional career in agriculture and/or venture to agripreneurship;

Specifically, the scholarship program shall:

  1. Provide subsidy for tertiary education of youth scholars towards the completion of their chosen Degree course in agriculture, fisheries and other related courses;

  2. Produce agricultural professionals, and new breed of farmers who are equipped with necessary knowledge and technical skills, and possess the right attitude in putting up agribusiness enterprises.

The provision of educational assistance for the youth is a college scholarship program in support to the children of smallholder farmers and fishers who are inclined to agriculture providing them equal opportunities to pursue a Degree Program in Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering or other agriculture-related courses.

Who can avail?

  • Children of smallholder farmers and fishers who are inclined to agriculture providing them equal opportunities to pursue a Degree Program in Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering or other agriculture-related courses.

  • The program shall cover four years of the scholar's tertiary education except for scholars who will take ABE which will be covered for five years.

  • The beneficiaries of the program shall be the capable and deserving youth who are children of smallholder local farmers and fishers with financial incapacity to augment their college education, with annual gross income of not more than P 100,000.

What are the benefits?

The maximum allowable amount to be provided is four hundred thirteen thousand pesos (Php 413,000) for scholar taking up a four-year course while five hundred nineteen thousand and five hundred pesos (Php 519,500) for scholar in a five-year course.

This shall include:

What are the qualifications?

  1. Must be a Filipino citizen, a son or daughter of a farmer/fisherfolk, with annual gross income of not more than P 100,000;

  2. Must not be more than 30 years old at the time of application to the program;

  3. Must be a high school graduate who is willing to pursue a college degree in agriculture, fisheries or any agri-related course as mentioned in this guideline;

  4. Must pass the entrance/qualifying examination prescribed by the school and must pass the exam and interview to be conducted by the ATI;

  5. The applicant must not have been a delinquent scholar of any previous scholarship program;

  6. Must be physically and mentally fit; and

  7. Must not have been found guilty of any crime involving moral turpitude at the time of application, or found guilty in any administrative case.

What are the documentary requirements?

  1. Latest BIR-Income Tax Return (ITR) of parents/guardians or Tax Exemption Certification from the Barangay Captain;

  2. Certification from the Municipal Agriculture Office that the applicant is a bonafide son/daughter of a small-scale farmer/fisherfolk;

  3. Certified true copy of High School diploma and Transcript of Records;

  4. Proof of admission from the preferred university/college;

  5. Personal data sheet (PDS) with 2"x2" colored picture;

  6. PSA copy of birth certificate;

  7. Certification of good health from a government physician with x-ray result taken within the last two months;

  8. Certification of good moral character from High School or from the Barangay;

How to Apply?

  1. The ATI-CDMD through the Regional Training Centers (RTCs) shall announce the availability of scholarship opportunities nationwide. Total number of available scholarship slots shall be distributed to all RTCs.

  2. Interested applicants may apply at ATI-RTC Offices. Upon registration, applicants will be given Scholarship Application Form (ATI-QF/CDMD-10, for revision if necessary) and checklist of requirements for application (ATI-QF/CDMD-12 Rev. 01). See them below.

  3. The duly accomplished application form, together with all the required documents must be submitted to the concerned ATI-RTC on or before the scheduled deadline of submission.

  4. The ATI-RTC shall review and evaluate all the submitted documents, administer exam and interview of applicants. Name of qualified applicants and copies of their documentary requirements shall be endorsed by the Training Center Director to ATI Central Office thru the CDMD.

  5. Upon receipt of the endorsement from ATI-RTC, CDMD shall countercheck the applications based on the criteria set in the program guidelines. For deficiencies, applicants will be given 15 days to comply. Failure to comply shall automatically disqualify the applicant.

  6. Once application is finally approved, CDMD will prepare a Memoranda bearing the official list of scholars for every Region to be signed by the ATI Director IV. A copy of the Memo shall be forwarded to concerned ATI-RTC, together with the Scholarship Service Contract

  7. The ATI-RTC shall advise the qualified applicants and prepare the individual Scholarship Service Contract upon receipt of the Memoranda.

  8. The contract shall be duly signed by the scholar and the ATI-Center Director with the scholar's parent/guardian and the RTC Head Accountant as witnesses.

What are the conditions/obligations/responsibilities of the scholar?

The Scholar must:

  1. Sign a scholarship contract with the ATI upon approval of the scholarship grant;

  2. Keep up with the standards set by the school for his/her degree program and abide by the conditions specified in the scholarship contract;

  3. Not to engage in any work for pay or accept other forms of scholarship or fellowship during the scholarship period without the consent of ATI;

  4. Maintain the Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.5 or its equivalent and must have no grade of 'Incomplete' in any subject within the period of the scholarship grant. Failure to meet grade requirement will automatically disqualify the scholar;

  5. Conduct a research study (thesis) that is aligned with the DA-ATI priority programs, goals geared towards the development of the agriculture sector;

  6. Constantly communicate and submit required academic documents such as the

  7. Copy of Grades, accomplished Semestral Assessment Form, etc., every after semester to the designated scholarship focal person in the ATI Regional Training Center;

  8. Direct all efforts towards the completion of the requirements of the Degree course within the required duration of the program as indicated in his/her Notice of Admission and Scholarship Service Contract;

  9. Conduct self in an orderly and honorable manner;

  10. Complete all the academic requirements of the Degree program within the prescribed period of four (4) years, except for BS ABE which covers five (5) years;

  11. Upon completion of the course, the scholar must submit a copy of his/her thesis, certified true copy of Transcript of Records and Diploma as proof of graduation.

  12. Work with the government after graduation, either as agricultural extension worker or any related profession, farmer entrepreneur or a volunteer leader, two years for every year of scholarship grant. Should the scholar opt to work with private institutions, it must still be in line with the agri-fisheries industry and within the Philippines.

Application Form:

Application YAFP Form_0
Download PDF • 368KB

Checklist of Requirements:

Scholarship Requirements Checklist
Download PDF • 440KB

To submit or for more inquiries:

Contact or visit your Department of Agriculture ATI Regional Training Centers here:

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Unknown member
Sep 04, 2023

Good Day Maam&Sir

Question, I am a current student of Agricultural Biosystem Engineering and a irregular student but I am still 1 year standing am I still qualified?


Good Day Ma'am Sir,

I am an incoming first year student taking Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) but not a son of a farmer or fisher folk. Can I still be qualified to get this scholarship?


Jan 23, 2022

I am currently a 1st year student taking BS Agribusiness at Central Luzon State University (CLSU), can i still qualify for the application? Thank you.


Lyza Mae Bontilao
Lyza Mae Bontilao
Nov 16, 2021

Good Day Ma'am/Sir,

I am currently a 2nd year student taking BS in Agriculture at USTP-Claveria, May I know where to submit my application form and requirements ? Thank You po😊


Lem Austria
Lem Austria
Nov 09, 2021

Hanggang kailan po ba accepting ng application


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